We take care of any meterial. and Shirtswoolsilksuitscomplex ornaments - all kinds of clothes.

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We’re sincerely thank for our customers using our NORMAN’S DRY CLEANERS since 2010. We’ll continue to try our best to satisfy our customers with effort, research. We only allowed “NON TOXIC” chemical “ECO- Friendly” and we do everything on the “PREMISES” for customers convenience and trust, customers satisfaction is our priority.

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Are you worried that the stains on your shirt’s collar won’t go away?

There is a way to get rid of them without wearing out your clothes,Wet Cleaning Certified will fix your...

Environmentally friendly and safer alternative to dry cleaning

Wet cleaning is considered to be a more environmentally friendly and safer alternative to dry cleaning because it does...

Washing dark-colored clothes requires special attention to prevent color fading and dye transfer.

Here's how to wash them properly, especially when using a product like "wetening" (which might be a typo or...



In wet cleaning, garments are first inspected for any stains or damage.

Wet cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes and textiles using water, specialized equipment, and mild detergents. Unlike dry...

In our cleaners we use the hand press to take care of jackets.

Now I'll show you a proffessional's doing it.To be able to hand press a jacket from start to finish...

Washing bulky blankets, is it difficult at home?

A large-capacity washing machine cleans the blanket of dust.Enjoy your health with a comfortable and clean blanket ~ https://www.facebook.com/Normanscleanersatlanta/posts/6021889354950894